Abs Tigerpulse Pink

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Get rid of belly fat easily and safely 

Dreaming about having abs and a flat stomach ? So look no further, our EMS is made for you. 

The ABS Tigerpulse enables you to tackle your fat pads and to achieve a muscular abdomen by properly stimulating and activating your muscles, for maximum growth. 

Burn fat buried deep within your body and shape your ABS efficiently without spending hours at the gym. 

Why choose Tigershape ?

Just relax and let it work

Using Tigerpulse 20 minutes a day equals 2 hours of intense cardio.

Reshape your body

Burn fat efficiently and build muscle faster. Choose between 4 power levels and get faster results !

No more sweat

Stop spending endless hours working out at the gym and save time in your day. 

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Scientifically approved

Doctors recommend the use of electro-stimulation for a better physical condition. Strengthen your body at anytime, anywhere. 

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They recommend Tigershape

Since I've been using the tigerpulse I noticed that the fat mass in my belly decreased a lot.

Jessica, Seattle

Becoming a dad recently I no longer have time to workout, my EMS allows me to stay in shape.

Matthew, Colorado
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