Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS) Training: 6 Reasons to Add It to Your Workout

Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS) Training: 6 Reasons to Add It to Your Workout

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a better looking body. Sure, you could say you’re working out to improve your stamina, boost your energy, or get better sleep. But slimming down and toning up can also mean more confidence, better-fitting clothes, and turning heads for all the right reasons. To get there, adding an electronic muscle stimulator (EMS) to your workout may help you shorten the curve and start enjoying a leaner body you’ll love.

New to EMS? Here’s what you need to know about adding it to your regimen:

What is Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS)?

Electronic muscle stimulation uses a device that sends electric impulses to your muscles. The idea is to help your muscles contract as though you’re moving them yourself. The reality, of course, is that device is doing all the heavy lifting (pun intended) for you.

To create these impulses, users place electrodes on the muscle group of their choice (arms, back, legs, and abs are the most common areas). Then, turn on the device and watch your muscles start contracting!

For a more scientific explanation, think about how muscles work in the first place. Your brain sends impulses through your nerves that control motor function that tell those muscles to move. The problem is that not all muscles have a strong connection to the brain, which means that these muscles can be harder to activate.

That’s where EMS comes in: by sending these impulses directly to the muscle via electrodes, you can activate more muscles and force them to contract, regardless of their connection to the brain. EMS offers a more intense activation, too, so every contraction gives you more compared to contracting those same muscles via weightlifting or other activities.

6 Benefits of EMS for Training

Extensive research through the years has revealed a number of benefits of using EMS in your workouts. It doesn’t have to replace the gym, but can rather be used in conjunction with your routine to produce the following effects:

1. Work a Variety of Targeted Muscle Groups

Just like choosing leg day or back day, you’re in full control over which muscles you work out using an EMS device. Just place the electrodes on the desired location and you’re all set.

This flexibility is more important than you might think. Today, athletes and casual gym goers alike may struggle to get the most from each workout due to everyday stress. Physical and mental stress, especially over time, create fatigue and can interfere with how you think and perform. Because of this, you may not be gaining much from lifting weights because the connection between your muscles and brains might be somewhat “clogged.”

However, when you contract these muscles using EMS, you’re getting a cleaner, more complete contraction. Each contraction is more targeted compared to weight lifting alone to the point that a 20-minute EMS session is like spending 90 minutes at the gym.

2. Preserve Your Energy

EMS can be considered “passive exercise” in that it doesn’t require you to do any work other than donning your device. You’re not killing yourself with rep after rep, set after set, and using up all your energy.

Instead, you get all the benefits of working out without feeling exhausted when you’re done. Interestingly, because EMS creates more intense muscle contractions, it actually uses more energy. In turn, more energy means more calories burned with every session, which can help you reach your body goals faster.

3. Maintain Good Joint Health

Repetitive motions like you do in weight lifting can deal major damage to your joints over time. EMS eliminates this risk because it doesn’t put any strain on your joints or bones. Once you place the electrodes on your muscles, you can do housework, work on your computer, or sit back and simply do nothing. Your joints will thank you.

4. Exercise at Your Convenience

One of the biggest reasons that keep people from going to the gym is not having enough time. Between work, family duties, and other obligations, exercise usually takes a backseat. But with EMS, you can work out at your convenience, even when you’re doing other things. EMS devices are portable and can be used just about anywhere. You don’t have to carve out an hour or two from your busy day to squeeze in an EMS session.

5. Focus on Active Recovery

Rest days are a must to help your body recover after a workout. But when you’re training for an event or simply don’t have time to wait, EMS can help to fill the gaps.

EMS pulses can help with circulation, reduce swelling, loosen and soothe muscles, and promote recovery so nothing stands between you and your goals.

6. EMS Has Mental Health Benefits, Too!

It’s clear that EMS is a major win for physical health. But it can also help your mental focus and feelings of well-being, too.

Exercise can relax you, reduce stress, and put you in a better mood. And when you aren’t stressed about not having time to work out and can start seeing results faster, your mental health may automatically get a boost.

Bos Equipment: Get Ready to Shred with Tigershape!

When you’re comparing EMS devices to supplement your workout, you’ll want to look for a few important things:

First, consider how the device works. Some devices have only one or two electrodes that you can place wherever you like, while others will have more.

Another factor is the intensity of the pulses, which can also determine the length of your session. Make sure you can control this intensity to match your comfort and goals.

Last but not least, consider the results. Take reviews seriously to understand what your experience might be like. The right device could make all the difference in your workout and how quickly you reach your body goals.

That’s why Tigershape is becoming the leading brand for EMS. Tigershape is designed to tackle more muscle groups at once to give you more from every session. Work your abs, arms, and booty at the same time from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere!), all on your terms. Shop our Tigershape collection today and earn your stripes with every workout!