Can EMS Help You Lose Weight?

Can EMS Help You Lose Weight?

It sounds simple: to lose weight, you need to eat less and exercise more. In practice, it’s far more difficult than it sounds. Between finding healthy foods you have time to cook, balancing your nutrients, and fitting in the types and lengths of workouts you need every day, it feels like weight loss is a full-time job.

It doesn’t have to be so difficult if you add the right tools to your strategy. There’s one emerging tool that sounds like science-backed magic but is making serious waves: EMS for weight loss.

What is EMS?

EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation. You may have heard the term e-stim as well.

The concept is simple. When you use a muscle naturally like you do during a workout, your brain sends a message telling the muscle to contract. EMS, on the other hand, contracts muscles by sending target electrical impulses into the muscles instead through specialized pads on your skin.

The activity within your muscle is the same as it would be if you were exercising the muscle. The muscle is contracting so it’s getting stronger. However, you can get that stimulation while working relaxing at home instead of pumping iron at the gym.

The Benefits of EMS for Weight Loss

The beauty of EMS is that it’s a terrific complement to a weight loss program yet it’s multitasking-friendly so you don’t have to dedicate time to the gym. In fact, there are several ways EMS helps with weight loss.

Building Muscle

The most predictable way EMS helps you lose weight is by building and strengthening your muscles. Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat within your body, even when you’re not using the muscle.

This means when you have more muscle, you have a higher resting metabolism. Your body will burn more calories on a daily basis so you’ll lose more weight.

Burning Fat

On top of muscle building, there is evidence of fat loss from EMS. A particular study found that using EMS, even without modifying your diet or exercise habits, can reduce your body fat.

Opening Doors

Exercising isn’t something most people enjoy, but there are some people who have even more hurdles in their path. For instance, those with mobility limitations or with injuries to their joints or tendons don’t have the same freedom to get up and exercise at will.

EMS can be an awakening for these people. By stimulating the muscles directly, an EMS machine works those muscles without any strain on your joints, tendons, or the other areas you’d normally use to contract the muscle.

For those with limited mobility, EMS can also give their muscles a workout while they remain in their bed or wheelchair. This is especially helpful for people who have low mobility while they wait for an injury to heal because EMS can reduce their muscle loss during the healing period.

Benefitting All Fitness Levels

Researchers have studied EMS in people across a full range of fitness levels, from elite athletes to people who get little or no exercise. They’ve found benefits across the entire spectrum, which means you can expect to see results no matter what your starting point is.

Enhancing Workouts

EMS is a powerful tool when you use it by itself. However, it has a whole new world of benefits when you use it while working out.

Your muscles contain slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers, and most exercises use one or the other. Exercises with a heavy load (like weightlifting with a higher weight for fewer reps) work your fast-twitch muscles while exercises with a lighter load (like using a lower weight for more reps) use slow-twitch muscle fibers.

If you wear EMS pads during a workout, you can use them to stimulate the muscle fibers your exercise isn’t reaching. By working more of your muscle fibers at once, you get a more powerful workout in a short time.

Tips to Lose More Weight with EMS

EMS is a terrific tool for weight loss. It’s especially powerful, though, if you use it correctly and take other steps to make the most out of it.

Follow Instructions Closely

Your EMS machine will come with clear instructions about how and when to use it. Those details are there for a reason: to make sure your EMS use is safe and as effective as possible. It’s important to read all these instructions before your first use and to follow them closely.

Use a Multi-Front Attack

EMS can help your weight loss along, but if you truly want to make the most of it, pair it with other weight loss strategies too. That means maintaining a healthy, balanced, reduced-calorie diet.

Remember that EMS doesn’t have to replace your exercise routine. You’ll see even better results if you exercise regularly and use EMS to supplement it

Have the Right Expectations

It’s great to know how EMS helps your weight loss, but it’s important to know its limitations too. Remember that EMS gives you the muscle-strengthening benefits of exercise, but it doesn’t give you the cardiovascular benefits. It’s important to get cardio exercise if you want to improve your cardiovascular health while you lose weight.

You also need to remember that using EMS doesn’t mean you can eat anything you choose and still lose weight. For instance, if your EMS is burning enough fat to drop two pounds every week but you eat two pounds worth of extra calories, you won’t see your weight drop.

Reaching Your Goal Weight with EMS

Weight loss is no easy task, and you should be proud of every pound that drops off the scale. Using EMS for weight loss is a way to maximize your success and help you not only lose weight but build stronger, more toned muscles too.

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