5 Tips to Enhance Sports Training

5 Tips to Enhance Sports Training

Sports training can take so much out of you mentally, physically, and emotionally. Toning your muscles, hitting focus areas such as abs and hips, and creating a full-body routine can be difficult to manage. Sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation to just begin, let alone dealing with the day-to-day grind of putting time and effort into your fitness regime. Here’s some of our advice on how using an EMS muscle stimulator and following our other fitness tips will help you on your journey toward sports training success!

1. Boost Your Training Routine with EMS

Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) machines are a great option for sports training. Some of these innovative machines such as hip and ab stimulators can be used for targeting specific areas in the area. They are also great if you have difficulty with strengthening or toning or if you need muscle buildup. They can also be used in a full-body workout to achieve maximum benefits. 

What Does EMS Do?

An EMS machine gently shocks your muscles so that they contract further while you’re working out. Don’t worry—the machine won’t cause you any pain. It will just create a slight buzzing sensation while it helps you produce more muscle tone and strength. Generally, EMS takes the form of a vest or padding that is placed on the skin. Tigershape gives you the option of targeting specific areas or using it on your full body.

EMS Muscle Stimulators for Targeted Areas

Placing an EMS product on a specific area while working out can significantly help with muscle tone and strength in the area you’re targeting. EMS machines have been used for quite some time for physical therapy. Because many people have experienced such great success with EMS in PT, the equipment began being used in workouts as well.

One machine that helps targeted areas is the Abs Tigerpulse. Wearing this ab stimulator while working out helps with muscle stimulation and toning, which ultimately helps in your sports training goals like losing fat, toning muscle, and increasing muscle strength. Similar Tigershape products are available for the hips, butt, and arms.

Full-Body EMS

Using EMS products on all targeted areas (considered a full-body placement) can help stimulate all of your muscles at once for a total physical experience. Using a full-body EMS product makes your workouts more efficient and can even cut down on workout time. Fitness trainer and gym owner Jackie Wilson believes that EMS training is the way to go. He believes that extra muscle stimulation slashes the time it takes to tone, strengthen, and cut down on fat in sports training.

General Sports Training Tips

EMS isn’t the only route for sports training. Setting goals, being consistent, prioritizing nutrition, and choosing workouts based on your unique situation are important to achieving peak sports performance.

2. Set Goals

Motivation is often the most difficult part of sports training. We have a tendency to want to just “get in shape”. However, being vague about what you’re trying to achieve can actually be counter-productive to your fitness journey. Instead, be specific when you set goals. Specificity allows you to focus on exactly what you want to get done in a measurable amount of time. It helps ignite motivation and maximizes your chances of achieving your goals.

After you’ve decided on your goals, write them down or tell them to someone else. Doing this makes you more likely to actually achieve your goals because you are being held accountable. It’s helpful to tell a fellow athlete, a personal trainer, or a workout buddy exactly what you plan to get done and when. Ask them to check in with you every now and then to keep you on track.

3. Be Consistent

Consistency is key to achieving success in sports training. Setting a routine and consistently adhering to that routine will set you up for success to meet your goals.

Ideally, you should work out at the same time every day or night. If this isn’t possible, create a schedule for when you will work out each week. For example, mapping out that you’ll work out in the morning on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and at night the other days of the week will help keep you accountable and stay on track with your workouts.

You should also have a set workout routine. Having a set workout routine prevents downtime at the gym or your workout space and maximizes your workout efficiency. It also ensures that you’re working out every area of your body, or that you are effectively targeting the areas you want to focus on. Without a routine, it’s easy to focus on one area of the body too much or not enough or to find yourself unsure of what to do next during your workout.

4. Prioritize Nutrition

Sometimes, you might be doing everything right when it comes to working out but you still aren’t seeing the results you want. If this is where you’re at right now, the culprit might be improper nutrition. Food is fuel, and your body needs it in order to give you the results you’re looking for.

Some helpful nutrition tips include:

  • Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water before, during, and after a workout.
  • Incorporating protein into your diet to help with muscle growth. Eat high-protein meals and drink protein-rich drinks before and after workouts.
  • Eating healthy carbs. Carbohydrates are one of the main things that your body uses up during a workout. Replacing these with healthy carbs like vegetables or whole-wheat toast is important.
  • Balancing your diet. A healthy, well-balanced diet will ensure that you’re burning the right calories and building up muscle. Plenty of fruits and vegetables, a good amount of protein, and healthy carbohydrates create a well-rounded meal. Eating three times a day is also important to maintain ideal health.

5. Customize Your Workouts to Your Needs

It’s important to realize that not every person will benefit from the same type of workout. Using workouts that are specifically designed with your goals and needs in mind will maximize your chances of sports training success.

Although there are a multitude of websites that offer tips and tricks for curating the perfect workout, knowing your body is crucial to determining the workouts that are best for you. Use your goals and your own strengths and weaknesses as a guide to curate the perfect workout routine. Consulting a physical trainer can also help you with this.

Your Most Fit Self is Waiting!

Your sports training journey isn’t impossible. Using Tigershape’s EMS muscle stimulator products and following the above-listed sports training tips will help you achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of!